Time and Temp Operation Manual

Operation Manual for V4 Time and Temp

To enter the option menu push the SELECT and INCREASE buttons simultaneously, then release.
Once in the option menu, use the SELECT to advance through the functions and the INCREASE and DECREASE to change the data.

–Lamp Test–
0: Set Time: Hours (0-23)
1: Set Time: Minutes (0-59)
2: Set Date: Day of week (1-7) 1=Sunday
3: Set Date: Month (1-12)
4: Set Date: Day of month (1-31)
5: Set Date: Year (0-99)
6: Set Display Rate in seconds (0.5-99.5)
7: Set Temperature Offset (+/- 99°F)
8: Daylight Savings Time (on/off)
9: Dimming (Automatic, Bright, Dim)
–Display Mode–

DXFC Firmware V5 Sign Controller

NOTE: !!!!!!!!!
This firmware update is NOT for the EDS Sign Controllers that are still running the Blue/Purple colored firmware. SigncoEDS is not responsible for the incorrect use of this firmware.

Click HERE for the Blue/Purple color firmware update.


To download the SIGNCOEDS Sign Controller firmware, click on the Free Purchase button below.
Click HERE for instructions for updating the firmware.

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