227 – Entering Passive Mode

200 Type set to A, 227 – Entering Passive Mode using the DsignXpress FC (DXFC) software.


When sending a schedule to the sign you get an error:

227 – Entering Passive Mode

Most common cause is a file was deleted from the computer, but that file name is still listed on the schedule.
Lets say you have 3 files listed in your schedule.
Now lets say you deleted (or renamed) the Monday.sbt message file from your computer because you do not want to use that message file any longer.
That Monday.sbt file name is still listed in your schedule. When you try to send that schedule to the sign, the schedule is looking for the Monday.sbt file but it can not find it. So it will give you the error 227 – Entering Passive Mode (if you deleted more than one file, the error will come up each time for all files that it can not find).

If you have a small list of files in your schedule, sometimes it may be quicker to just create a new schedule instead of trying to find every location of the deleted file in the schedule.


Other possibility is:

Your computer could be loosing connection (or firewall blocking the connection) between the sign and your computer. This could cause the 227 – Entering Passive Mode.



In the communications window, click on the LOG tab. Look at the bottom half of that window and look for the resent errors. Your missing file name may be on that LOG tab.